Here’s a key but if you’re really sensitive, just read the ingredients:

V – vegetarian (can usually be adapted to vegan)

GF – gluten free


We’re Only Allowed To Have Sugar Cereal On Vacation (Breakfast)

Chai Rice with Sweet Cinnamon Milk, Bananas and Dates (V, GF)

Rye Bread and Beer Porridge/Øllebrød (V)

Hibiscus Oats with Seasonal Fruits (V, GF)

Really Good Granola Bark from Tartine

Yogurt with Fruit and Nuts, and Terra Creta Balsamic Cream (V, GF)


Pace Yourself (Small Items, Sides, Apps, Salads and the like)

Traditional Cretan Salad (V)

Baked Eggplant Falafel (V, GF)

Rocket and Fig Salad with Toasted Buckwheat, Roasted Garlic, and Graviera (V, GF)

Smoked Paprika Sweet Potatoes with Garlic, White Bean and Eggplant Dip (V, GF)

Carrot, Coriander and Sun-dried Tomato Salad (V, GF)

Butternut Squash ‘Chawanmushi’ (GF)

Hummus with Eggplant, Pomegranate and Za’atar (V, GF)

Mercimek Koftesi (red lentil and bulgur wheat kofte) (V,GF)

Easy and Super Green Summer Salad (V, GF)

Feta with oil and herbs (V, GF)

Marinated Olives (V, GF)


I’m Full (Mains)

Thai Beets & Beans Patties with Light Peanut Sauce (V, GF)

Pickled Egg Sandwich with Purslane Salad and Sauteed Garlic (V-ish)

Peanut Ginger Eggplant and Sweet Potato with Coconut Oats (V, GF)

Brown Rice Congee (V, GF)

A Vegetable Burger (V, GF)

Feta Yogurt Tortellini with Parsley Oil

Butternut Squash Brown Rice Porridge (Updated Congee) (V-ish, GF)

Greco Timpano Bianco

Basic Baked Kibbeh

Herb Omelette with Yogurt Two Ways, Ginger Garlic Roasted Vegetables and Sumac (GF optional)

Vegetable Rolls with ‘Chickpea Sticks’ and Date-Tahini Sauce (V, GF)

Buttery Radish and Scallion Pancake (V)

Savory Oats with Fried Onions and Soy Egg (V, GF)

Green Lachuch with Soft Boiled Egg, Herbs and Za’atar from Molly Yeh (V)

‘BBQ’ Mushroom Wrap with Cashew Cream Slaw (V, GF substitution included)

Fully Loaded Fatteh (V)

Smoked Split Pea and Eggplant Patty with Cilantro Tahini Sauce (V, GF optional)

Eggplant with cilantro tahini sauce, tahina, pomegranate, toasted buckwheat groats, and za’atar (V, GF)

Vegan ‘Fesenjan’ with Roasted Butternut Squash and Brown Rice Pilaf (V, GF)

‘Cromlet’ with Wilted Broccoli Leaves, Cauliflower Nuggets, and Fennel Tahini Sauce (V, GF)

Spring Pasta Bake with Greens and a Savory Crunch (V, GF)

Fennel and Dill Fritters (GF)

Stuffed Eggplant Rolls (V, GF)

Sweet Potato and Dill Gemista (v, GF)

White Eggplant with Sweet Potato Skordalia, Fried Capers and Garlic Confit (V, GF)


πιτες (Greek Pies)

Whole Wheat Caramelized Onion and Fresh Anthotyro Pie (V)

Spanakopita/σπανακοπιτα with Homemade Phyllo (V)

Prasopita/Leek and Onion Pie/πρασοπιτα (V)

Fennel, Spinach and Feta Pie in Whole Wheat Phyllo (V)


Sugar Is Toxic, But It Tastes Really Good (Dessert)

Chamomile Honey Goat Milk Ice Cream with Tahini Streusel Crumble (V)

Banana Ice Cream (V, GF)

Sweet and Salty Seeded Chocolate Bar Rye Cookies (V)

Chocolate (AF)+PB Cookies (V)

Carrot Halwa with Black Sticky Rice and Sweet Milk (V-ish, GF)

Date, Halvah, and Chocolate Chunk Cookies (V)

Sesame ‘Tikkun’ Cake with Blood Orange and Pomegranate Glaze (V)

Super Chocolate Chunk Cookies with Sea Salt

Fig and Honey-Balsamic Ricotta Galette

Peach and Whole Wheat-Coconut Crumble (V adaptable)


Instructionals, Miscellaneaous, Sauces, etcetera

Carob Paximadi/Carob Rusks/παξιμάδι με χαρούπι (V)

Gremolata – recipe and suggested uses (V, GF)

Cooking Beans Instructional (V, GF)

Phyllo Dough Instructional (V)

Ajvar, Tahina, and Hummus Recipes (V, GF)

Quince Cardamom Preserves (V, GF)

Pita Bread (V)

Morning Liquids – Juices, Smoothies and more (GF)

List of Simple Smoothie and Smoothie Bowl Ideas (V, GF)